Appetizers – Ride with the Champ – $200

Ready to get your feet wet and the hook set? Here you go. Perfect for a birthday present, anniversary gift or just a random Saturday of fun. Roughly about an hour and a half worth of desert at speed!

Wheelman – $700

So, you like to be in control? How about you take the wheel and learn whats it like to be the pilot, we’ve got shotgun! The perfect “intro” to what this crazy sport is all about. Don’t worry, we have safety equipment you can borrow.

School is in session – Driving 101 – Starting at $1,500

Ready to learn some of the fundamentals of off-road racing? Our 6 hour day school will help you be more rounded come race day (if that’s your goal). Everything from spacial awareness in the cab, GPS basics and terrain navigation / reading. Don’t worry, no homework involved here! The FAST LINE TrophyLite will teach car control and momentum training like no other platform can.

Want to add more than one driver? Email us for a quote on how we can cater to your needs and schedule. We can even pick you up from the Ontario, CA airport.

Grad School – Driving 201 – $3,500

Looking for the ultimate download of driving experiences? Look no further. Two days of driving instruction, advanced vehicle control, extended GPS breakdown and so much more. Just like the real world, Grad School is tailored to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us on what might work best for you!

Like a sponge – Tuning day – Starting at $250

So you have your own ride, but you don’t like the way it takes the holes. Let us help you find a FAST LINE to the end result with our extensive knowledge on shock tuning. We can work on just about any off-road shock!


Just like most of the off-road sport, we are all kinda one-off. Don’t see what you need or want? Don’t worry, we are great at the unusual too.

You need some catering included? We’ve got a guy!

Want to race? Our TL’s are 100% race legal and one has a championship under its belt, while the other two are just measly race winners.

Corporate function with your top brass? We have three trucks in our stable waiting to create a lifetime of memories.

Media? Easy peasy.

Shoot us an email – we love challenges!